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About Us

We are young yet leading pet supplies store in town dealing in wide range of quality products at incredible price that your wagging friend needs.!!!!! Founded in 2020 by pet parent who believe that every pet deserves unconditional love and care. Being in the pet & vet industry for over 50 years we've learned that being a pet owner takes a lot of work. We are here to help you give your pet the personal attention and guidance you need to give your furry family members a healthy and happy life! Our pets are always there when we need them most, and it's our passion to be there for our pets when they need us most. We started our journey just 2 years back and now we are in house to around all leading quality products for your pets and at drooling prices. Our team's dedication to providing our customers with excellent service and knowledge is what we strive for in our pet community. We are always here when you need us just hit on Whatsapp button. We will be delighted to help you!!!!!!